Northwood Lake HOA Annual Meeting  2/27/2022

  • Welcome
Board Introductions
  • Thank you for being here and showing an interest in your community.
  • Prayer let your light shine through us by the beauty of this neighborhood and our community support
  • Have Board members stand. 
  • Ask for nominations Daphne Melvin & Michel Johnson to add board members or Officers, First & second both elected to Board for 2023
  • Open positions President, Vice President, and Secretary, Kay nominated for President, First & second, Shannon Butson volunteered and voted in as Secretary.
  • Ask for nomination to go forward with the current slate of Board Members for 2021 present; Kelli Clark, Shannon Butson, Derek Dunn, Lynda Cain
  • Members for 2021 not present; Michele Erdman, Mandy Thomas, Shelly Standridge
Review the highlights for 2021
  • Lake Draw Down took longer than expected due to clog in drain pipe.  Drain valve worked perfectly and will provide safely for excessive rain events.  The shoreline project was delayed to clog in drain pipe.  Once unclogged all labor by our lake committee KC Straughn, Derek Dunn, Woody Gerhard, Paul Booth, Jason Moore.  The project budged at 80k should come in slightly below that.  Work will stop in March and remaining work to be done after banks dries out in July.  Lake access area closed at NWL Dr W until July to allow banks to dry out and additional work to be done in July.
  • Floating dock to be completed in March with concrete pads for picnic tables and possibly grills depending on budget. 
  • Pool makeover new pump & new filter in 2021, Pool operates at a $16,000 loss annually.  Managers Jason & Jennifer Nicholson agreed to stay on for 2022 pool season.
  •  8th year of $150 & $250, nonresident $200 & $350.  The majority of members were in agreement with raising assessments $25 to $50 per level in 2023.  We will try to have a second opportunity for members to voice their concerns at the end of August with a picnic at the pavilion.
Financial Review
  • Assessment for 2021 highest collected ever at $113,000 and 512 members.  Total Income for 2022 $126k and total expenses $104k leaving a $22k net income.  No questions were asked.
MEMBERSHIP 2022 review
  • 512   PAID members, all time high
  • 765 homes, 411 resident members 53%
  • 63     non residents
  • 38     non residents, neighboring subdivisions (17 full @ $350)
  • 264   Basic
  • 185   Recreation
  • Note 105 lakefront properties
  • We have received $12,450 from past assessments on property sales, py average is $6k
  • Need 60k per year to maintain or 400 @ basic
  • The Lake Committee & Pool Committee is our only active committees at this point. 
  • The new volunteer method is to provide Kay Holden your text or email information and when needed an all call is made for volunteers. 
  • If you can assist with the project we appreciate your help if you can’t there will be another chance. 
  • Also watch Face book Northwood Lake HOA for volunteer events.
Projects for 2022
  • Finish up at NWL Dr West; do you want to see a Gazebo & fishing pier?  Members like the idea and would like these additions.
  • Change boat launch dock to floating dock.
  • Culvert at NWL Dr W spillway, drain pipe rusted out reported to City.  District Council representatives John Hinton and Jamie Dykes were present and took note.  Kay will send an email and hard copy letter to the City Administrator Glenda Webb to request repair.
  • Memorial area
Suggestions & Solutions
  • Lake residents patrolled for irrigation use and a special letter sent if not contributing member.
  • Use native plants and grasses to assist with the maintenance of the shoreline.
  • Requested NWL Dr West striped from Oneida to Union Chapel and Paddlecreek
Guest Speakers
  • John Hinton District 3 Council Representative – reviewed the City Financial status and a projects
  • Jamie Dykes District 4 Council Representative – reviewed projects in Northport
  • Ronald Bolton for AL State House, District 61 - provided platform
  • Kimberly Madison for AL State House, District 61 – provided platform