As if a beautiful quiet and wooded community wasn't enough, our neighborhood offers the beauty and tranquility of our own private lake, where countless fisherman enjoy the quality fishing it has to offer all year round.  When it was established, Northwood Lake was the place to be...and that is still true today.



Bank and boat access to fishing on private lake

Lake privileges (boating, fishing, lawn irrigation, etc.) are available only to Northwood Lake residents and non–residents who have paid their annual assessment. Guests MUST be accompanied by member. Each year the gate code will be changed in April. Email [email protected] for the new code.


  1. Leaves and other debris are not to be dumped or blown into the lake.
  2. No alcoholic beverages on NWL HOA property.
  3. No animals (duck, geese, etc.) will be released onto common properties of NWL HOA or onto properties where such animals may affect NWL HOA properties.
  4. No fish from any other bodies of water or aquariums will be introduced into Northwood Lake.
  5. Construction of docks, piers, boat houses, seawalls or any other structures in Northwood Lake must be approved by the NWL HOA Board of Directors.
  6. It is against the law to release contaminants into Northwood Lake; incidences will be reported to the proper authorities.
  7. Parking on the dam is not allowed at any time. Parking is available on each end of the dam.



  1. All fishermen ages 16 and over must have a valid Alabama State Fishing License.
  2. The fish limit is as per State of Alabama Law. Based on fish studies, this limit will be adjusted as to size and limit with Lake Committee approval. 
  3. Jug, limb, and trotline fishing and fishing with gill nets is prohibited.
  4. No fish cleaning on NWL HOA property.
  5. No fish from any other bodies of water or aquariums will be introduced into Northwood Lake.
  6. Absolutely no fish habitat enhancement structures will be added to Northwood Lake without NWL HOA Board of Directors approval.
  7. NWL HOA members may extend fishing privileges to guests, but only when the member or a member of his/her household is present.



  1. All boats must display a Northwood Lake decal with a registration number. Decals can be acquired by all persons having paid their annual assessment by calling the number listed on the website. (One free per year; $5 per extra decal per year.)
  2. Boats will be thoroughly washed to remove vegetation and contaminants from other water sources before being launched into Northwood Lake.
  3. Trailer-launched boats may be launched at the boat ramps located on the east and west sides of the lake. Launching from the dam is not permitted.
  4. Only electric trolling motors may be used.
  5. Night fishing is allowed but restricted to navigational lights only.
  6. All boats kept in the NWL HOA maintained access areas must be moored in the water or on NWL HOA moorings. Storage on land is not permitted.
  7. Sailboats, canoes, kayaks and paddle boards are allowed on the lake.